Composting & Humus Management Workshop
Monday 4th - Saturday 9th September 2017 (6 days)
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TESTIMONIAL from Richard Makim

It has been a pleasure to do business with a proactive young couple in Agriculture. Luke and Melissa's decision to be involved in the conventional composting approach to agriculture is a very timely and courageous step. For many reasons, soil , plant, animal, human and environmental health, we must return to caring for the top 30cm of our planet that sustains life as we know it. History will look back on the last 60 years experimentation with chemicals as a low point in human endeavour.

The Bowmans's leadership in providing Compost education and machinery as well as the product itself, has come at a critical time, quite apart from the uncertainties and cost of fertiliser supplies.

We wish them every success in this venture.

Richard J. Makim

Testominial for Break It Down Composting - 20/1/09

I attended the Compost and Humus Management Seminar hosted by Break It Down Composting in Barraba in 2008 and found it to be an exceptional course. Between them, Angela and Urs Hildebrandt have encyclopaedic knowledge and a wealth of practical experience in the production and applications of high quality Controlled Microbial Compost. Melissa and Luke Bowman of Break it Down Composting were very efficient hosts and the Playhouse Hotel a fantastic venue.

I had previously purchased a CMC ST- 300 windrow turner from Break It Down and have since had various dealings with them as I expand my compost production. Melissa and Luke are an extremely professional team that have given me great support and advice while I have been setting up my composting enterprise. I can't thank them enough and look forward to many further dealings in the future!

Simon Wright
Wongwibinda Station